Communication is a major challenge in every field, because everybody messes it up! We don’t mean to, but we do (and we’re hilarious). Click below to see how audiences connect with Todd’s communication lessons wrapped in laughter.

“So much fun, and such an informative presentation!”
—Siouxland Society for Human Resource Management

“Really enjoyed your program. Kept me awake the entire hour (unlike other virtual speakers I’ve seen).”
—Bank Trainers Virtual Summit

“Brilliantly done, an incredible virtual keynote.”
—Iowa School Public Relations Association

“Extremely funny and engaging, as well as informative. You have mastered the art of virtual speaking!”
—Project Management Institute

“Thanks for kicking off our first virtual conference on a high note. Your use of props and video kept our members engaged and entertained. Much more interesting than watching somebody read slides.”
—Arkansas Association of School Business Officials

“Great webinar—good info, funny and very true.”
—International Association of Administrative Professionals

“This was very good and I have notes to look over next time I present.”
—HR Conference Cruise “Dry Dock” webinar series

“With this being our first live event since Covid, it is hard getting people engaged. You did a great job with that. Your movement around the room also helped.”
—Illinois Farm Bureau

“Your presentation was spot-on. Thanks for a wonderful session, and onward to accurate communication!”
—Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention

“Thanks for being our closing keynote. Our members really enjoyed themselves and I am still hearing positive feedback!”
—Indiana Farm Bureau

“Refreshing to hear comedy without any hint of politics or raunchiness!”
—Will County Farm Bureau

“I got more than my daily quota of laughs!”
—Bay Area Business Travel Association

“Very good information, and it spanned so well across all industries.”
—Community Associations Institute

“Your ability to capture the audience and engage them in laughter, not only at life situations but at themselves as well, is truly a gift.”
—Illinois Cemetery & Funeral Home Association

“Your presentation was the perfect balance to a heavy business meeting. You’ll be a tough act to follow next year!”
—International Association of Administrative Professionals

“That was fun, and good information. I couldn’t agree with you more.”
—International Sanitary Supply Association

“Entertaining and some good practical advice on more efficient use of time.”
—Iowa Employment Conference

“This is my best meeting ever!”
—Meeting Professionals International

“You were AWESOME!”
—Metro Atlanta Relocation Council

“Enjoyed it — very funny, very funny. What a wonderful speaker.”
—National Association of Purchasing Management/ISM

“Your humor added just the right touch to our convention, and you challenged us to take a good look at how we communicate (or miscommunicate, as the case may be) with customers and employees.”
—National Closet Group

“Your motivational words held the attention of every member present and we certainly will put your inspirational insights and advice to work.”
—Pennsylvania Statewide Association

“One of the best I’ve ever seen. People learn more when it’s funny, when you enjoy it.”
—Project Management Institute Dominican Republic

“Light and refreshing. Broke up the serious tone of the sessions.”
—Pennsylvania Tourism Summit

“Really delightful—great way to start the day!”
—Project Management Institute Hampton Roads

“You have a great sense of humor and are so entertaining—and I enjoyed how you wove the importance of good communication into it.”
—Project Management Institute New Jersey

“I enjoyed your talk. The phrases people use – ‘you know’ — I call them filler words. They don’t know what they’re going to say and they don’t want silence. I’m a big Auburn fan and Bo Jackson, when he was down there, used to do it constantly. The last few years he got real slow in his speech and I thought, ‘Somebody’s worked with him. He does it totally differently now.’”
—Tennessee Valley Public Power Association

“All of our guests — and we were a mixed group of dealership employees, educational leaders, students and parents — were laughing and agreeing with your analysis of communication blunders. It was nice hearing clean humor and learning valuable lessons at the same time.”
—Central Florida Auto Dealers Association

“Excellent job. A good speaker can get dealers in a room and KEEP them there — and you did. You kept ’em!”
—Greater Richmond New Car Dealers Association

“Your topic was very timely and extremely well received. It was very apparent our attendees could relate to your humor.”
—Ohio Automobile Dealers Association

“You’re so right — if the accountant misses a number it’s terrible. But if we miss a part of speech ‘it’s no big deal.’ But it is. It really is.”

“Thank you very much — very interesting.”

“You could substitute for Bill Geist!”
—Arkansas Broadcasters Association 

“You are a real HIT — thanks for helping make our convention a huge success!”
—Louisiana Association of Broadcasters

Chambers of Commerce
“You were talking about that person when they’re reading something if somebody spells it wrong they’d just toss it to the side. We own a business and we have resumes come in. If you see spelling mistakes like that, it’s bad. First of all, you shouldn’t make them and second of all, you should spell-check.”
—Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce (CO)

“Your captivating talk and personal experience with business communications was very entertaining and informational. You were a big hit with our members.”
—Cloquet Chamber of Commerce (MN)

“You had us laughing and learning at the same time.”
—Hobart Chamber of Commerce (IN)

“I’m going to use this [Miss Reiser’s words card] tomorrow in my department manager’s meeting. It’ll be a fun segue into the eight-hour training we have.”
—Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce (ID)

“Very funny and entertaining, but also very thought provoking. Based on the comments I’ve heard this week, I think there was a lot of learning going on amongst the laughs. People identified with your customer service stories and the importance of good communications.”
—Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce (IL)

“Great speech. My family’s always saying I’m anal retentive…I’ve got to show them this bookmark!”
—Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce (MI)

“I drove straight back to my office and changed my voice mail greeting, based on your hilarious and revealing routine.”
—Knoxville Chamber Partnership (TN)

“You did a great job. My office is here in Winona and I’m dealing with all these contractors, and that’s what I tell them — communication! I love the experiment you did.”
—Winona Chamber of Commerce (MN)

“You’re good! You’ve got that comedic acting thing going on. They really loved you.”
—Academic Resources Conference

“The best presentation I have ever attended.”
—Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

“After 20 years, finally a good presenter!”

“I expected it to be boring. This was great!!”

“I loved the humor. I was so glad to see something on communication skills, I had mentioned it to my administrator that the college as a whole needed advice on.”
—Joliet Junior College (IL)

“You made quite an impression at our professional development luncheon last week! People are still thanking us for bringing you in…Our group represented many areas — administrative, purchasing, operations, finance — and all levels, from entry to senior vice president. Your wit and insight into communications struck a chord with everyone…You poked fun at yourself first, which gave us permission to laugh at the many ways we miscommunicate with teachers, students, parents, administrators and each other. In such a fun, open atmosphere, the lessons really stuck.”
—Kern High School District (CA)

“Thank you — great inspiration.”

“That was worthwhile — thank you!”

“As you started going through the list, I’m thinking ‘Oh boy, that’s me!’”
—Nebraska Council of School Administrators

“I had Miss Kenney. Still alive — 81 years old! When I send her birthday cards or Christmas cards, I watch everything I do, because I could get it back with red marks! I had her for three years in high school. I told her the day I graduated, I hated her and never wanted to see her again! We’re best friends now. We diagrammed sentences; every part of speech, spelling words every week, with definitions. That’s why I CAN write! You talked, and I laughed at how much I recognized that. I’m going to send her one of these word cards.”
—Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials

“I always try to have fun in my class—thanks for validating me!”

“First thing I did when I got back to my desk was change my greeting, because I was just trying to get too much information in.”

“Wonderful job — is that specific enough?”
—Virginia Association of Marketing Educators

“That was a lot of fun—we enjoyed hearing your humorous stories.”
—American Society of Healthcare Risk Management

“You captured the attention of the audience and had them enthusiastically lined up, waiting to speak with you and receive their gifts.”
—California Payroll Conference

“We tried to ensure laughter was a big part of the program since we deal with so many serious situations with distraught customers. You certainly helped us get started on the right foot! You captured the audience’s attention well and were so entertaining but effective in getting across some important communication messages. I actually retained lots of your points to relay to our office staff today!”
—Claims Prevention & Procedure Council

“We strive to provide a fun and educational meeting to end our year, and you succeeded by giving us an informative and witty presentation. Your tips for improving communication at the workplace have had a lasting effect for our members. Thank you!”
—Financial Women International

“You’re the funniest speaker I’ve heard, and you made excellent points. Nice change from our usual accounting jargon.”
—Georgia Society of CPAs

“Great choice. Would love to hear from him again.”
—Healthcare Financial Management Association

“That was excellent, just excellent.”

“You are my hero! I’m so anal retentive. It’s not bad — I feel so positive now! ”

“Everyone makes fun of me, but it tells people what you are, I think. Sends a message about the quality of your work.”
—Illinois Bankers Association

“Enjoyed it immensely.”

“We have a sign in our church: ‘This door must remain closed at all times.’ What good is that??”
—New Jersey Credit Union League

“Excellent! Very entertaining plus helpful. Outstanding speaker for end of conference.”

“Mr. Hunt was incredible! Please use him again!”

“Nice to have some humor and energy in the morning.”
—North Carolina Association of CPAs

“Presentation was very relevant to the business world of today.”

“Very entertaining and informative.”
—Prudential Financial

“Communication is a major challenge in our franchisee world. Your examples and insights really hit home. (And nice touch with no PowerPoint!) I found myself using some of your examples this week in one of the classes that I was instructing. In addition, we recently registered our middle management team in a Communication/Business Writing workshop to further enhance their communication skills.”

“Our whole team needs to be here learning about communication!” Association of Persons in Supported Employment

“The best presentation I have ever heard—I’ve never been as engaged. I’m mentoring my new deputy and I think your book would be a great asset for how we communicate.”City Clerks Association of California

“Thank you—it was very good. I was a ‘What?’ person and my daughter cured me of it.”Iowa Association of Municipal Finance Officers

“That was great—you made me think!” —Oklahoma Department of Transportation

“One of our better speakers. Not everyone likes sports personalities!”Pennsylvania Lottery

“I’ve heard you three or four times and it’s always different, but now I’m thinking maybe it was the same, and I only remembered 20%—just like you said!” —Society of Government Meeting Professionals

“Delightful—very entertaining, great stuff.” —Washington Finance Officers Association


“Thank you for your humorous and timely reminders of communication missteps. Many of our members commented on their enjoyment of your presentation.”
—American Academy of Implant Dentistry

“Very entertaining and informative.”

“Although we were laughing we will remember later.”

“What a great speaker. Try to get him back next year if he has any other programs.”
—American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses

“Everyone very much enjoyed your presentation! You even won over some of our toughest critics.”
—Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

“It was fabulous—you did a wonderful job. They all laughed. I don’t think most people laugh enough.”

“You’re the first speaker that’s kept me awake in I don’t know how long! That was wonderful. Thank you for joining us.”

“You were great. That was so much fun.”

“That was funny. And those restaurant service people kill me. You’re right — we all have to take responsibility for good communication.”

“What I loved most is that you capitalize on being yourself! What a great concept.”
—Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee

“You really understand our practice. We do such a lousy job communicating with our patients and you nailed it!”
—Chicago Dental Society

“Lots of laughter and fun, but you also facilitated a good lesson about how we should communicate better — with patients and each other. Your distinctive approach to staff training added some new spice to an old message.”
—The Greater Cleveland Dental Society

“So nice to have a speaker first thing in the morning that’s useful, but lighter. Sometimes we get speakers that are gloom and doom – what a way to start a conference!”
—Healthcare Financial Management Association

“Wonderful way to start off the conference—everybody loved you!”
—Hospice of Southern West Virginia

Rated “5” on a 5-point scale
—Massachusetts Council of Activity Professionals

“It is often challenging to find a speaker with a good balance of content and humor. Our program committee wanted to make sure members were engaged throughout the session while learning lessons they could take back to their offices. Your humor was refreshing, and based on content – not just funny for the sake of being funny.”
—Medical Group Management Association

“Thank you for starting our morning off so fun and with such a wonderful message!”
—Minnesota Statewide Activity Professionals

“Thank you for your humorous and timely reminders of communication missteps.”
—Pennsylvania Dental Association

“The most entertaining of all the speakers, and had 100% active participation.”
—Radiology Business Management Association

Human Resources
“You need to be the headliner for Jerry Seinfeld!”
—Society for Human Resource Management

“Thank you for making me laugh and laugh and laugh! I used to laugh a lot, but I don’t anymore. I needed this.”
Akron Society for Human Resource Management

“You were a lot of fun to listen to. Thank you for the humor!”
Fargo-Moorhead Human Resource Association

“Your examples and insights really hit home. (And nice touch with no PowerPoint.)”
HR Conference Cruise

“You were the perfect opening keynote.”
Imperial Calcasieu Human Resource Management Association

“Very entertaining and right on point.”
New York State Society for Human Resource Management

“You lit up the room while delivering an effective message.”
Northern Ohio HR Conference

“I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at myself. The material was engaging, the speaker was energized and I was thoroughly entertained as he shared some valuable communication tips.”
Ohio Society for Human Resource Management

“I really enjoyed your presentation. It is one of the rare times that I did not want to leave the presentation early.”
—Salt Lake Society for Human Resource Management

“This really hit home—I’m going to make up a card for my staff of words not to use.”
—Southwest Arizona Human Resource Association

Parks and Recreation

“Hiring you was the best thing our state association could have done for our 40th Annual Conference!”
—Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association

“Great job, very enjoyable!”
—Iowa Parks and Recreation Association

“Constructive, humorous eye-openers…I was thrilled Todd did not use PowerPoint!”
—Illinois Association of Park Districts

Real Estate
“Your stories rang true — we were laughing so hard, we didn’t realize how much we were learning”
—Illinois Association of REALTORS®

“You knocked it out of the park—we’ve got to have you back!”
—Food & Drug Conference

“That was excellent!”
—United Food and Commercial Workers Local 150

“Hiring you was the best thing our state association could have done for our 40th annual conference!”
—Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association